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They say write what you know.  Choose your target audience or your ideal customer.  I knew I wanted to create a newsletter for years.  I wasn't sure if I had enough to say, if what I had to say was worth publishing anywhere or that I could keep up with any kind of schedule I set myself.  I tried a couple of times but it never really stayed with me.

Then I began to read 'Women Who Run With The Wolves' and something about the contents of this book seemed to bring together so many things I've learned and gotten involved in over the years to get me to the point that I was instantly and regularly and energetically inspired to share what was happening for me.

And so I made a big spider diagram - fun fact: the symbol of a spider in Jungian Analysis is 'the great weaver of fate' - with the final web about who I am writing to.  Basically myself.  Or a past version of myself.

The Invisible Person.

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