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Storytelling for self-discovery

The first in a set of workshops around the theme of storytelling that will encourage greater understanding of self and others.

Using the joint experience of hearing (and seeing in your mind's eye) the same story, sharing your response to it and hearing others' experiences, this workshop will create a space for you to understand yourself and others in a way you've probably never experienced before!

When we share an experience we are connected.  When we hear how the experience is for other people we begin to develop empathy.  When other people hear us we feel listened to and understood.  The exchange of experiences creates a personal link to another.

Keeping the group small allows a rich experience of confidential sharing while not overloading with too much new information.  It's a fun experiment where we get to connect with the infinite possibilities of human creativity and ingenuity.  

This is not therapy, though you may find it therapeutic, this workshop is designed to get you thinking about things in a different way.  You can go as deep or as reserved as you like whilst considering the capacities of other participants.

Come and join the first of these workshops with no more than 12 other people on Thursday 31st March at 10am at Nonsuch Studios, 92 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 1EH.  At the very least you will be entertained!

Click here to book for £10

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