My Story


Always a listener in my teenage years, I found myself in my mid-twenties disillusioned with work life and completing various college courses to try and escape the drudgery I felt being an administrator.  

Having worked in a few NHS services, volunteering for AgeUK and ChildLine, and becoming more aware of mental health in general, plus getting myself through a protracted period of mild depression in my early twenties, I searched for counselling courses and began my therapeutic journey.  Oh look, I said journey, sorry, these cliché terms will be peppered throughout my website because they are true and I have no better language to use to describe it!

Many of my peers will then say something along the lines of “..and then I didn’t know what hit me!” but with my hand on my heart I can honestly say that although this journey (sorry) was difficult at times, it remains the best thing I probably will ever do.

Beginning with listening skills and progressing to a counselling skills course I was impatient to get to the ‘good stuff’ and start helping people.  My plans to continue with the counselling diploma were thwarted by funding cuts causing a small existential crisis because I had finally found something I wanted to keep doing! With the wonder of hindsight I can see that being ‘forced’ to undertake a BSc at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham has benefited me endlessly and in turn will benefit my clients.  SPTI has a great reputation within therapy circles, a fact I did not learn until well into the second year, and having been through their teaching and come out of the other side I now understand why.

My greatest learning from this degree was about love, relationships and attachment theory (more here).  Essentially, what makes us human.  And then all the things that go on top of that to make us a human in society.  Our beautiful, flawed, creative society. 

Choosing to complete my University placement at the Centre for Trauma, Resilience and Growth in Nottingham, I continued volunteering as a visiting therapist for a number of years post-qualifying to further consolidate my trauma-working skills and to help some of the most vulnerable people in Nottingham access a service they would otherwise not be able to.

I now help to run the counselling service at Nottingham Women's Centre, following a similar ethos to what kept me at the Trauma Centre for so long, and I am growing my private practice seeing clients in the green spaces of Nottinghamshire.

My aims for the future include setting up an emotion-focused group or two, writing more about the nature of being human on Instagram and Medium, and continue helping people uncover, understand and grow.

"And the day came when the risk  to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom" 

Anais Nin