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My Story

Always a listener in my teenage years, I found myself in my mid-twenties, depressed, disillusioned with work life and completing various college courses to try and escape the drudgery I felt working in administration.  


Completing my BSc at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in 2017 I began my private practice soon after.

My greatest learning from this degree was about love, relationships and attachment theory (more here).  Essentially, what makes us human.

Since qualifying I embarked on training to 'take therapy outdoors' in September 2019 and began seeing clients outside early in 2020 - perfect timing really! 

The space that the summer of 2020 allowed in terms of reducing social contact and the related sensory stimulation I followed the niggling suspicion I was autistic, researching, corroborating and finally comfortably self-diagnosing and 'coming out' by summer of 2022.  Since then it would seem fellow neurodivergents have found me and my caseload is majority autistic and/or ADHD.

I'm continuing to walk with clients at Graves Park as well as online for those further afield and find the outdoor environment, gentle movement and changing weather benefits us in countless ways.


And as we enter 2024, I am transitioning my practice to the wild spaces of The Peak District.   My aim is to provide longer one to one therapy sessions for those that have slower processing times (myself included), and to also create a space for people to take their time in a therapeutic way (not necessarily therapy) to connect to themselves through the landscape.

My aims for the future include setting up some groups, incorporating storytelling into my practice, writing more about the nature of being human on Instagram and Medium, and continue helping people uncover, understand and grow.

"And the day came when the risk  to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom" 

Anais Nin

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