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My Approach to Therapy

Therapy to me begins and ends with space.  We so seldomly get a space just for us that when you have one - you make one - it can be a treat or a threat.  I appreciate either or both of these points of view and I like to think that with this perspective I can meet you where you are (mentally) and acknowledge, and perhaps alleviate, the awkwardness inherent in doing something different.  Or maybe it's just really effing awkward but we're in it together!

I believe seeking therapy is ultimately a search for balance.  Somewhere in your mind, body, life, environment, all of the above, things don't feel right.  You may or may not know what those things are, but I am committed to helping you finding them and seeing if we can find what will help you.

To get into your understanding of your world I ask about feelings, sensations, stories, urges and instincts.  It's okay if you don't have answers.  I encourage play, experimentation and mistake-making to find or rule out directions or resources.  

Therapy can be hard.  It doesn't have to be all the time.  I work to try and make sure that it isn't, but I am also realistic in knowing working with trauma will bring discomfort, pain and confusion - I will be with you while you process this, and there to provide comic relief when it gets too much!  Hopefully we'll find the appropriate balance for you.

I will hold the hope and the trust that whatever you're going through you will get through.  

I am kink-friendly, sex-positive and have lived experience of neurodiversity.

Trust the Process

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