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Piqued in The Peaks

Lets get wild in the outdoors! 

New for 2024: seasonal sessions, not strictly therapy, still therapeutic, where we focus more on developing your relationship to yourself and your environment.  

Come with a question, a feeling, a dilemma, however you like and spend time with me, The Peaks and some creative exercises designed to help you connect more deeply with yourself and more effectively to the landscape allowing your own inner wisdom to come forth and guide you.

Moving to different locations each week, we get to notice the changing seasons with our changing seasons.  You can come for a one-off session with a specific aim, or we can return to the same location each season to see what the landscape has to show us in relation to work already done.

This is an opportunity for people with some experience of self-reflection to deepen their knowledge and understanding of themselves and their processes whilst (hopefully) having a play and a bit of fun in the wilds close to our doorstep.

Beginning on Mondays, I hope to extend these sessions across the week as the year progresses.

These will be charged as my usual session fee (£60) and multiplied accordingly e.g. £90 for 90 minutes.

See you there!

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