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What do you think of when you think of wilderness?


For me, as I was learning what it was to feel and pay attention to the sensations in my body that I had blocked for so long, there was so much and it was all so unfamiliar it was like a wild environment I had begun to explore.


Having a natural affinity for outdoor spaces, especially the untamed ones, I found a way to calm and process the newness inside - movement in nature.


Being with my emotions in the wilderness helped me to understand the emotional wilderness within.


Emotional Wilderness Walks


I want to offer a therapeutic space for people that feel they would benefit from a group experience, in nature, with space to explore things that might be difficult.  I appreciate one-to-one therapy is expensive and not available to everyone, certainly not post-Covid, but that there is a need for opportunity to process what is going on inside as well as take the time to get outside. 


My aim for these walks is to provide an affordable, regular, open and accepting space for people to drop-in to whenever they feel the need or want.  This isn't therapy per se, nor is it peer support, it's a kind of hybrid - we all support each other.


A typical session


Arriving promptly we will take five minutes to introduce ourselves and check into the space.

You will then go on a 20 minute discovery walk which will have an agreed focus.  Whilst you explore the natural environment you are encouraged to notice what you notice either around you or within you, sensations, thoughts, impulses, blocks, and when you return to the circle we take an hour to share our experiences and how these have affected us.


The final five minutes is to close the session and share a final thought or reflection.


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