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My approach to clinical supervision

I'm a human first, therapist second, supervisor third.  Everything I know from the former influences how I am in the latter i.e. kinda normal, but in my own special, eccentric way!

The feedback I have consistently gotten over the years from clients and people I work with is that I am safe, calm, reassuring and affirming.  I want you to do well, I want everyone around you to do well, and I want you to know that however it is that you're doing those things, as long as you're not harming anyone, is the right way for you.  Yes, there's theory and ethics and membership bodies to respect, but your particular way of being is the particular way of being that you should (yes, I said should) be being.  And I want to find your particular way and make it (you) shine.

That's not to say there will be no challenge.  I'm very interested in unconscious processes, patterns, and creativity and experimentation.
Metaphor is a tool I use a lot for my own understanding but I think it is invaluable for playing with a concept too and encourage the use of really pushing them.  I know metaphor is not for everyone though.  And it's not a prerequisite, this is just some information for you to decide if I'm the supervisor for you.

I am committed to naming and highlighting what may be hidden, this can be uncomfortable for both of us, ultimately it always makes us greater than we were. 

I am happy to work with individuals or groups up to four.  I prefer to work in-person with occasional online sessions rather than the other way around.

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